Introduction to API Versions

There are now two major versions of the Moneyhub API: v2 and v3. Each version is designed to offer different capabilities and features to meet various use cases and integration requirements.

Key Changes in V3

Removed Endpoints

POST /accounts/{accountId}/recurring-transactions:

Estimation of recurring transactions has ben superseded by the regular transactions endpoint.

GET /accounts/{accountId}/counterparties: This endpoint has been removed

GET /accounts-list: This endpoint has been removed

Changed Behaviour

Global Counterparty: Previously, the counterpartiesVersion parameter allowed users to specify whether they wanted to retrieve global counterparties data in v2 or v3 formats. With v3 update, our Swagger UI no longer displays counterpartiesVersion as an available query parameter for the /global-counterparties endpoint in the v3, indicating that we are standardising the response to v3 format only. Please visit this page for detailed information.

Counterparties V3: all endpoints now use counterparties V3 as the default

GET /accounts :showTransactionData and showPerformanceScore defaults have been changed to false.
It optimizes performance by reducing the default payload size and improving response times. If transaction data or performance score are required, it must be explicitly requested by setting this parameter to true.

POST /sync/{connectionId} enableAsync has been changed to true by default.
Aligning with modern asynchronous processing standards to increase performance.


POST /affordability no longer generates reports immediately as part of the request - instead the initial status (a new property) in the response will be pending and the report ID is returned with the response, but nothing else. This ID can then be used on the GET /affordability/{reportId} endpoint to check if the status has changed to complete, at which point the additional affordability data will be returned as additional properties via the same endpoint.

GET /affordability/{reportId} returns the affordability data using a different schema to the previous version. Check the new schema carefully when moving from one version to another, as some property names have been subtly changed. The same information is still available as in the previous version. Eventually new metrics will ONLY be available via the v3 variant of the endpoint.

New Additions

Versioning for Swagger Docs: Introduced dedicated endpoints for Swagger documentation of both v2 and v3:

v3 :

Flexible API Gateway URLs: If the version is not specified in the URL, it will default to version 3.