Bank Connections

We have 4 lists of available bank connections:

Every client you create will have access to the test connections by default. Access to the real connections via the API will need to be requested.

Every connection will have the following properties:

  • id - bank connection id (used to request an authorization url for a specific bank)
  • name
  • type - the type of bank connection (api, legacy or test)
  • bankRef - reference that uniquely identities a set of connections as being part of the same institution (e.g. HSBC Open banking and HSBC credit cards). It is used to group a set of connections by the banking institution they refer to. It can alse be used to retrieve the bank icon.
  • parentRef - this property is now deprecated. Please use bankRef instead
  • iconUrl - the url of the bank icon SVG. Please be aware we don’t have icons for all the connections we provide. For the missing icons you can either use your own set or use our generic bank icon found at this url:
  • accountTypes - an array containing the types of accounts supported by the connection (cash, card, pension, mortgage, investment, loan) and a beta boolean value flagging which accounts types for that connection are currently being developed and may not have a 100% success rate
  • userTypes - an array of user account types supported by the bank connection (personal and business)
  • payments - an array of payments capabilities for thebank (domestic)
  • status - an object that represents the status for the provider for synchronisations and authorisations. The possible values are: AVAILABLE, PARTIALLY_AVAILABLE, TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE, PERMANENTLY_UNAVAILABLE

GET /bank-icons/:bankRef

This route returns the bank icon as SVG when providing a valid bank reference listed under our available connections.

Please be aware we don’t have icons for all the connections we provide, when this is the case the route returns 404 as response unless the defaultIcon parameter is used.

Route ParametersTypeDescription
bankrefbankrefUnique bank reference of the provider. When using default as the bank reference we return a generic bank icon.
Query ParametersTypeDescription
defaultIconBooleanWhen value is true the route will return the default icon instead of 404 if bank icon is not available