Custom Consent Screens

When using the Moneyhub API normally after generating authorisation urls the users will first be directed to Moneyhubs consent screens. These screens are required by the FCA & OBIE if a connection or payment will take place.

If you are unhappy with the design or layout of our screens you can opt to install your own custom consent screens. In order to do this 3 things are needed:

  • Your own custom consent screens (approved by Moneyhub before use).
  • Enforce User Consent must be switched to "no" by Moneyhub for your client.


Using Moneyhub as a TSP

This guide does not apply to companies who use Moneyhub as a Technical Service Provider and have their own AIS/PIS Permissions.

In order to provide Account Information services to your end-users, Moneyhub appoints you as an agent. It is therefore important that end-users are aware that Moneyhub is the principal providing the account information service.

For Payment Initiation - there is no agent relationship. Moneyhub provides the service directly to your end-users.

Regulatory Wording & Custom Screen Guidance

Below you will find a PDF containing the guidance we have on developing these screens. These must be approved by Moneyhub before they can be used.

Development Work Required

There are no changes required in the implementation. If you choose to implement custom consent screens you will need to present these custom screens before generating an authorisation url in the API and redirecting the user.

Moneyhub will be required to update your client to sent Enforce User Consent  to ‘No’ from the default ‘Yes’


90 Day Reconsent

If you plan on using custom consent screens you will need to also consider your flow for 90 day re-consent. This is outlined here