Single Payment Widget

The Single Payment Widget is a seamlessly embeddable component designed to enhance checkout experiences by supporting Open Banking payments directly from UK bank accounts. It offers a secure and efficient alternative to traditional card payment solutions and can manage payments to one or multiple recipients, ensuring a streamlined, one-time payment process.

How the Widget Works

Here's the flow and user experience for anyone interacting with your widget implementation.

Bank List

Choose from a list of popular banks or use the search function to find specific ones.


User confirms the payment details.


Connects and guides the user to authorise the payment with their bank.

Payment Status

Payment Completed

Confirmation that the payment has been completed successfully.

Payment Pending

Indicates that the payment is awaiting confirmation from the bank.

Payment Cancelled

Notification that the payment was cancelled during authorisation.

Payment Error

Informs the user that an error occurred while processing the payment.