Generating mTLS Certificates

Introduction to mTLS Certificates


mTLS is an extension of the standard TLS protocol that provides enhanced security by requiring both the client and server in a communication session to authenticate each other's certificates. In the financial sector, where the integrity of transactions is paramount, mTLS ensures that only verified clients can initiate requests, thereby safeguarding against unauthorised access.

Permissions Notes

To access the features for generating mTLS Certificates, you will need a specific permissions.
Contact Moneyhub to guide you through the process.

Generating mTLS Certificates

1 - Open the API menu bar on the Admin Portal platform.

2 - Go to the Certificate Generation section and
click on the 'Generate Certificate' button to start the process.

Take the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from the calling provider and
paste it into the form input

3 - Submit, and after a few seconds you should get an output certificate shown to you.

Benefits of mTLS


Provides enhanced security by authenticating both clients and servers.

All communications are encrypted, protecting against eavesdropping.
Actions performed by both sides can be securely traced to their origin when both parties are authenticated.