The account types that are available through our API are:

  • cash:current
  • savings
  • card
  • investment
  • loan
  • mortgage:repayment
  • mortgage:interestOnly
  • pension
  • pension:definedBenefit
  • pension:definedContribution
  • properties:residential
  • properties:buyToLet

When fetching accounts we try to save as much information as possible such as AER, APR and credit limit but the availability is different across providers.

Account details

Fields that contain sensitive information such as account number, sort code, IBAN, PAN and account holder name are also saved if they are available but they can only be retrieved from our API by using the account_details:read scope.

The account_details:read scope needs to be enabled per API client as it is not a default scope. Once that this is enabled you will need to use both scopes account:read and account_details:read when requesting a token for a user to be able to receive the fields mentioned above.

More information on the fields that each account can have is available in our API reference and example accounts can be found here .