Autotrader is a connection which is used to retrieve a valuation for a vehicle which is then kept as an asset for a user.


Required API client access

The API client must have Autotrader added as an allowed connection to access it.

The connection information can be found at

An example of data from an account created with the Autotrader connection can be found below. The value of the vehicle is the balance amount.

"id": "ee2cb12d-8ce8-48a0-8dc0-2ea9134d208e",
      "dateAdded": "2022-12-16T17:18:45.297Z",
      "dateModified": "2022-12-16T17:18:42.000Z",
      "accountName": "Registration - Make Model",
      "type": "asset",
      "providerAccountName": "Registration - Make Model",
      "providerId": "640e7e346473f075765b59ea523ee448",
      "providerReference": "autotrader",
      "connectionId": "640e7e346473f075765b59ea523ee448:6c9b9b79-8c23-47a4-bde0-43ade6dc385d",
      "balance": {
        "amount": {
          "value": 492700,
          "majorUnits": 4927,
          "minorUnits": 0,
          "currency": "GBP"
        "date": "2022-12-16"
      "currency": "GBP",
      "details": {}