Admin Portal Access

To access the Moneyhub Admin Portal you'll need to sign up at You can direct any colleagues that also require access to the portal here.

You can sign up using a Google or Github account, or simply with an email address and password


If you choose to sign up with an email address and password, you can use the same email address as the username to keep things easy


Sign up with an E-mail address and a password that meets the minimum requirements

When you click Sign up you will be asked for a verification code. This will be sent to the E-mail address that you have provided.

Whichever authentication method you choose you will be asked to provide a few extra details on the next page


Fill in the required information to complete the admin portal registration


Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

If you have signed up using an E-mail address and password, then you must provide a valid mobile phone number in international format at this stage in order to allow Multi-Factor Authentication

Google and Github registered users do not require this as each provide has their own internal MFA

All fields on this page are required. Please provide a valid E-mail address and phone number (ideally a mobile number in international format) for contact and Multi-Factor Authentication purposes


You'll see a blank screen until you are verified

Once complete you should see a blank screen as above until you are verified by one of our staff. Following that you will be granted access to the relevant sections of the admin portal


Once verified you will access to relevant sections of the admin portal

Returning users may be asked for a verification code, which will be sent as an SMS to the phone number that you provided when you signed up


Enter your Multi-Factor Authentication code from the SMS message

Existing Users (pre-MFA) and updating profile details

If you need to change your details at a later date, or you previously registered via email/cognito prior to the MFA feature being available you can access your profile from the avatar in the top right of the admin portal when you have logged in.

MFA for Cognito users is currently an optional feature, Moneyhub will communicate months in advance if we decide to enforce this.

From the profile page, you can view your details as well click the blue button in the bottom right of the screen to Update them


The same validation rules apply here as initial registration. You can change your phone number but not remove it, as you must have a valid form of Multi-Factor Authentication enabled to use the admin portal. If you forget your details or change your phone number without updating it first, please contact a member of Moneyhub support and we'll be able to help you.

What’s Next