Balance Threshold

Id: balanceThreshold

Event that notifies when an account balance has crossed one of the specified balance thresholds on an account

Thresholds can be set on the account using the API methods that are documented here

Event Payload

accountUidstringAccount Id
accountNamestringAccount Name
balanceAtTimeGenerationobjectThe balance at the time the notification was generated
matchedThresholdsarrayThe threshold that was crossed

Example payload

    "accountUid": "6d0baf11-248e-4c11-9c04-97b7758b4e04",
		"accountName": "Test Account",
	  "balanceAtTimeGeneration": {
			date: "2020-01-10",
			amount: 50, 
			currency: "GBP"
	  "matchedThresholds": [
				type: "lt", 
				value: 100