Getting Started


Moneyhub's API is vast and rich but can also be complex, especially when starting out. This getting starting guide aims to get developers of the API up and running fast, ensuring you put the right foot first when beginning to use it.

As this is a getting started guide, we will be covering topics briefly to keep things moving, but will always link out to our wider documentation when relevant.

Use Cases

Our API has a broad functionality and you are able to harness many actions on a users financial data. In this getting started guide we will focus on the main use cases for our API:

One time use

You can use the API to create a one time connection for data via a single connection to a financial institution, bypassing the administration and management of users.

Ongoing Access

You can use the API to create user profiles and connect to multiple financial institutions and continue to query the data for each user.


You can use the API to make payments. Single payments, recurring and standing orders.


By the end of this short guide we aim to give you a brief breakdown of how our API works and how to connect to the most common use cases. We aim to give you the head start you need to dive into the rest of our documentation, teaching:

  • Use cases for our API
  • How to access our Admin Portal
  • Authenticate yourself and create authorisation URLs
  • Connect accounts and make payments
  • Querying data on the API

What’s Next

Once you are ready, let's create an API client on the Moneyhub admin portal.