Reauth Reminder

Id: reauthReminder

Event that notifies when a bank connection requires reauthentication. An OpenBanking connection typically requires reauthentication every 90 days. This event will be triggered up to 5 days before the connection is due to expire.

connectionIdstringThe ID of the connection
bankNamestringThe name of the bank
timeUntilReauthorizationnumberThe number of days until the connection will stop working

Example payload

    "connectionId": "1ffe704d39629a929c8e293880fb449a:7d235ab0-e951-487f-acde-73cae1a18be0",
    "bankName": "Test Bank",
    "timeUntilReauthorizationInDays": 5,
  "tppConsent": false


This event can be trigger once every 48 hours