Payment Error

Id: paymentError

Event that notifies when a payment has been rejected

paymentIDstringOur id for the payment
paymentSubmissionIdstringThe id of the payment submission
submittedAtstringThe time the payment was submitted to the bank
statusstringAlways 'rejected' for this message type
referencestringThe payment reference
endToEndIdstringUnique identification assigned by the initiating party to unambiguously identify the transaction. This identification is passed on, unchanged, throughout the entire end-to-end chain.
[updatedAt]stringThe time the payment was updated by the bank. Note: This value originates from the bank and depending on the bank this value sometimes might be the same as submittedAt.

Example payload

  "paymentId": "68ef34e0-b8a7-4aa2-ad0a-b3cef33f8e36",
  "paymentSubmissionId": "pv3-966167ee-a63e-464b-90ed-d779fa90c246",
  "submittedAt": "2020-09-21T15:41:20.500Z",
  "reference": "0019f234124a5f70",
  "endToEndId": "1b63a27a",
  "status": "rejected"