SIP Status


inProgress: A payment has been initiated in our API but consent needs to be given by the user.

pending : Consent has been given by the user and the authorisation code has been exchanged in our API but the financial provider/bank has initially returned a pending status on payment submission. Further checks need to be performed by the bank.

completed: Payment has been completed successfully.

rejected: Payment was rejected by the financial provider/bank on submission or after performing further checks.

cancelled: The user cancelled the payment in the bank authorisation screen.

abandoned: Payments that were initiated but were not fulfilled or cancelled will transition to this state after 10 minutes they were created.

Error states

error:paymentSubmission: An error occurred when exchanging the authorisation code with the financial provider/bank.

error:redirect: The financial provider/bank has redirected with an error code during the consent flow.

error:tokenGrant: An error occurred when initiating or submitting the payment.

Rejected Status

When a rejected status is returned from the bank, it can happen for a few reasons. The most common are:

  • name of payee does not match with the name of the account you are going to be paying
  • fraud detection from the bank making the payment blocking the payment
    • This can be due to seeing too many small transactions during testing which get flagged up
    • sometimes transfers to cryptocurrencies get blocked due to fraud as well

We advise that if you see any payments returning with the status rejected you get the account holder of the user making the payment, to contact their banking provider to find out the reason for this. We unfortunately don't get any more information from the banks aside from the status and it would require the account holder to get the reason.