Further PIS connections added

We have recently added payments (and Account Information) support for


New PIS connections

We added some payment support for the following connections:


Introducing Our New Chatbot Feature!


Connect Earth Recipe

We’re excited to roll out a brand new recipe for integrating Connect-Earth with your systems! This recipe provides step-by-step instructions and best practices to help you seamlessly implement Connect-Earth APIs.



We now support account Statements for Open Banking connections


New connection: ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO connection is available as a Beta connection in Moneyhub


Permissions replacement support

You can now replace the default set of permissions used when creating consent claims and Auth Requests using the permissionsAction property. This can be used to create a more lightweight permissions set for AIS connections.


Mock bank now supports standing orders

You can now use the Moneyhub Mock Bank when testing standing orders. The current account for the demo user will support Standing Order Retrieve and any account will be able to support Standing Order Requests


External Error Handling

On our /sync endpoint, its not uncommon for an external provider (financial institution) to send back errors of their own. Previously these errors would not differentiate themselves from our own.


Legacy connection name fix

An issue with the connection name property returned from the{userId}/connections endpoint has now been resolved. Only affecting Legacy connections containing mortgage or loan account types, it was sometimes observed that the connection name would be returned as ---. This is fixed and will no longer occur.