Extended Connection Statuses

To enhance the visibility of our connection statuses, we have added the property extendedStatus which will house some enumerable values to explain the status of the connection further.


Node.js library uses PAR authorisation URLs by default


Requires @mft/moneyhub-api-client version 5.3.0 onwards


Sync ID Returned on Auth Request Complete

When completing an AIS connection using our auth requests feature, you will now get the syncId returned in the payload. This will allow you to track the status of the sync that completes the connection in the case of using enableAsync


Asset Account Provider Names Returned

Previously, if an asset account was created and a provider name was given, that provider name wouldn't be returned when retrieving accounts. Provider names are now returned when getting accounts for asset types.


New endpoint GET /accounts-list

API Announcement: New endpoint GET /accounts-list has been added


Session Not Found Checks

There had been more instances of Session Not Found pages showing up when returning from bank consents. The reasons this was happening were:


Code Samples

We have released a repository that will demonstrate how to communicate with out APIs in various programming languages. Documentation can be found here


Variable Recurring Payments (VRP)

Variable Recurring Payments can now be created for banks that support them. VRPs allow a single consent to be created for multiple payments, with the ability to set limits on the time and amount


New Connection: Wise (formerly Transferwise)


Payments without a payeeId

We have added a new feature to our payment auth requests, including standing orders and recurring payments.