Create and Configure Pay Link Widget

This document provides configuration instructions for the Pay Link Widget.


Before configuring the specific fields for the Pay Link Widget, you need to create a widget. If you haven't done this yet, please refer to the Create Widget section for instructions. This section covers the general fields that need to be specified during widget creation.

After completing the generic fields, return to this page to configure the Pay Link specific fields detailed below.



The PayLink Widget can send events via webhooks, allowing you to receive real-time notifications about payment processes. Here are the configurable webhook settings:

Webhook URISpecify your endpoint URI to receive webhook events. This is optional but recommended for real-time updates.Optional
Webhook formatEvents will be sent in JWT format. This is preselected as the default format to ensure secure and structured data transmission.Preselected default

Handling Webhooks

Ensure your webhook endpoint correct processes JWT payloads:'/webhook/receipt/moneyhub', (req, res) => {  
   try {  
      const payload = jwt.verify(req.body.token, publicKey);  
      // Process the payload  
   } catch (error) {  
      console.error('Webhook error:', error);  

For more information about webhooks and what events trigger them, see Webhooks .


Previewing the Widget

Once a Widget has been created it can be Previewed via the top menu bar, see Preview