Sync Complete

Id: syncCompleted

Event that notifies when a synchronisation of a connection has completed (either in success or error)

Event Payload

completedAtstringThe time the synchronisation completed
processingStatusstringThe status of the sync, will be success if successful, and error if the sync had failed
syncIdstringThe ID of the synchronisation that has completed
connectionIdstringThe ID of the connection the sync event belongs to

Example Payload

  "completedAt": "2022-04-12T10:22:40.573Z",
  "processingStatus": "success",
  "syncId": "7f3ef231-e9bf-4345-af1a-d1e9e727382f",
  "connectionId": "1ffe704d39629a929c8e293880fb449a:cb126400-1d69-4242-b188-fc8b5c22783b"