Provider SIP Limits

Each provider has its own limits on how much money can be transferred using online banking, which also apply to their open banking payment APIs.

ProviderDetailsSupporting Comments
AIB (Allied Irish Bank)
Bank of Ireland Payments are limited to £12,000. If you want to make a payment over this amount, please have a look at our other payment options.
Bank of Scotland to click on thee tab "FAQs"
The Co-Operative Bank
Danske Bank to table on page 4 referencing Open Banking payment limits
First DirectTBC
Halifax Faster Payments you can send up to £25,000 online, £250,000** in branch or £10,000 by calling us every day.
Your limit resets at 11:59pm each day.

If you have a Websaver or Express Cash account your limits may vary to the above.
**During Covid-19 Branch limit is temporarily increased to £250,000

Your payment limit amount includes bill payments, payments to individuals and new standing orders or any increases to existing Standing Orders and existing future payments. Any Payments you set up today for a future date are counted towards today’s daily limit. So if you set up a standing order for next week, it will count towards today's limit.
HSBC can make payments of up to £25,000, per day via Online Banking if the funds are available, for larger amounts, you would need to visit an HSBC Branch with Identification and there may be a charge
Marks & SpencersTBC
Nationwide Building Society
Natwest make a transfer from the mobile app for more than £1000, you'll need to have made at least one payment to that payee using Online Banking.

The maximum limit you can set for payments via Online Banking, the Mobile app and Open Banking per working day is:
Personal customers - £20,000.00
Premier customers - £50,000.00
Business Customers
The limit for payments via Online Banking and the Mobile app per working day is:
Business customers - £50,000.00
Royal Bank of Scotland
Tesco for Credit Cards t only Balance Transfers and Money Transfers. All other payments are not allowed