Mock Bank Accounts

Add accounts and transactions to the Moneyhub Open Banking Mock bank for testing

You can create your own users, accounts and transactions within our Open Banking Mock bank through our Admin Portal


In order to access the feature within the admin portal you'll need to have the required permissions enabled. Contact a member of staff to have the permission to view and create mock data enabled.

Creating Users

Navigate to API - Mock Bank Accounts and click the button in the bottom right of the page to create a New Mock User. This is the username and password you'll use to log in to the Moneyhub Open Banking Mock bank


You can give the user any username and password you like. These credentials don't need to be secure and are designed to be shareable with your colleagues

Creating Accounts

When viewing a user, you'll see a list of their accounts, and from here you can click the button in the bottom right of the page to create a New Account


None of the fields on the account creation page are required, so you can click Save straight away to create a basic Current Account with a zero balance

The name of the account holder, e.g. Ms Test

A simple name for the account, e.g. My current account

This can either be Personal or Business

Sub Type
Typically this will be CurrentAccount but you can select other types which affect how the account is handled and appears in the Moneyhub app. Investment accounts are not part of Open Banking at present, and allow you to have investment holdings attached. Property accounts are designed to represent the value of a property or asset as their balance

Optionally allows you to select a Persona to use to pre-populate the Mock Account with test transactions. See Personas below for details on the available options.

Opening Balance
This is the initial monetary value of the account or asset

Balance Credit/Debit
Sets whether the opening balance is a Credit (positive) or Debit (negative) value

Opening Date
This sets the opening date of the account and the initial balance. Any transactions created on the account after this date will affect the balance accordingly

Overdraft Amount
Sets the amount of the overdraft or credit limit on the account. This affects the value of the available balance on the account if applicable

Creating Transactions

From the user accounts list, you can click the TRANSACTIONS link to go to the list of transactions. From here you can click the button in the bottom right and select New Transaction to create a new transaction

The monetary value of the transaction

Sets whether the amount is Credit (positive) or Debit (negative) value

The transaction description or reference. This is the text that will usually appear on a statement

The date relating to the current status of the transaction

Typically this will be Booked but a transaction can be set to appear in a Pending or Rejected state on an account

Recurring Interval
A transaction can be set to automatically duplicate itself to help with creating new transactions for on-going testing and testing of automated processes (i.e. processes triggered by the New Transaction webhook). The mock bank can create new transactions as often as Daily and from a transaction Date up to a maximum of 24 months in the past. Any new transactions created after the current balance date will also affect the account balance value


Create a new connection to the Moneyhub Open Banking Mock bank and use the credentials of your user to sign in. You'll be able to select the accounts that you want to connect to. If you add any new transactions, you can either wait for them to automatically sync, or you can trigger a manual sync through the app or the API. If you add new accounts to your user, you will need to go through the connection flow again to authorise access to them.


If you've created a user with one or more mock accounts, you can use these to test payments too. By making a payment from one of your accounts, it will automatically create a corresponding transaction for you.

If you create a payee using the sort code and account number of an account that belongs to the same user, it will also create a corresponding transaction under that account too. This is useful if you want to test end-to-end flows with payment references or account sweeping.


You can get the sort code and account number by clicking the VIEW link on the account in the users accounts list

Simulating Errors

The mock bank account has support for a number of override values which can be used to simulate errors

Connection Error

Creating a mock account with a Nickname of SYNC ERROR and then selecting that account when creating a connection to the mock bank will cause that connection to fail

Partial Sync Error

Creating a mock transaction with a Description of SYNC ERROR will cause a partial sync error on a connection to that account

Payment Errors

Creating a payment with a Reference of INVALID SUBMISSION, INVALID REQUEST or PAYMENT LIMIT will cause the payment to throw errors at the respective stages

Pending Payment

Creating a payment with a Reference of PENDING PAYMENT will simulate a delay in the bank processing the payment

Rejected Payment

Creating a payment with a Reference of REJECTED will result in a payment that has a Rejected status


The following Personas are available to pre-populate a Mock Account with transactions

Affordability TestTransactions used to generate affordability reports. This persona is a combination of all Affordability Test personas listed below
Affordability Test Cash WithdrawalsA series of small, irregular debit transactions over the past year with "atm" description
Affordability Test ExpensesMultiple monthly recurring debit transactions as well as irregular debit transactions with a variety of descriptions associated with discretionary and non-discretionary spending over the past year
Affordability Test GamblingNumerous irregular debit transactions and occasional credit transactions associated with gambling counterparties over the past year
Affordability Test LoansPrincipal and regular monthly repayment transactions associated with multiple loan counterparties demonstrating all loan types e.g. Buy Now Pay Later, Unsecured etc. over the past year
Affordability Test IncomeRegular monthly and weekly income transctions using BACS as well as occasional miscellaneous credit transactions over the past year
Affordability Test Returned Direct DebitsIrregular credit transactions with description indicating returned payments over the past year
Affordability Test TransfersRegular monthly debit and irregular credit transctions described as "transfer" over the past year