Single Immediate Payments

Moneyhub access to payments uses the same OpenID Connect authorisation service as access to financial data, with some additional requirements to client configuration:

Getting Started



You will need an API Client with the following:

  • A valid JWKS or jwks_uri
  • A request_object_signing_alg equal to none if using push authorisation requests or not none if using request objects
  • payee:create, payee:read, payment and payment:read scopes enabled

To make a payment using Moneyhub APIs, you will need to carry out the following high level actions:

  • (optional) Create a Payee - the payee created will then be used in the authorisation URL
  • Generate an authorisation URL for the payment (if a payee wasn't created you can specify the payee account details directly in the payment claims)
    • Information on what information to pass in the payment claims can be found in the documentation
  • Give the authorisation URL to your user where they can consent to the TPP, before being taken to their banking provider to consent to the payment there
  • On return to your redirect URL, you will exchange code for tokens to complete the payment.
  • On receiving the tokens, you will get a payment ID in the encoded id_token which can be used to get information on the payment (like status)