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Intermittent OIDC 500 error

We've been receiving intermittent 500 errors from your `oidc/token`endpoint with the error `invalid_grant`. Based on the OAuth 2.0 spec we would expect this to be a 400 error so we were wondering if you could shine any light on exactly what could be causing this error and if it's some sort of issue in your side

Requesting additional scopes/permissions

Hi, I would like to access some affordability and analytic information, I need scopes that I cannot see in the administration portal. Namely: - affordability:read - affordability:write - affordability_restricted:read? - affordability:restricted:read? - spending_analysis:read How would be best to request this?

In the Account Type 'Investments/Pensions' what are the different types of investments that are going to be possible to be fetched from the Moneyhub API?

I would like to know what are the different types of investments that would be fetchable through the API?

Error In Selecting Banks during auth-request

Why with original bankId gives 400 BAD REQUEST in Customized consent during auth-request while test bankId(1ffe704d39629a929c8e293880fb449a) is working?

Invalid client assertion format while creating a user

Hi, I'm following the User guide (<https://docs.moneyhubenterprise.com/docs/ongoing-access#obtaining-a-token>) to create a new user via the API. I created a Base64 encoded JWT with the headers and payload as follows: header='{ "kid": "12345", "alg": "RS256" }' payload='{ "iss": "<client-id>", "sub": "<client-id>", "jti": "some-placeholder-text", "aud": "<https://identity.moneyhub.co.uk/oidc/token">, "iat": 1714143145, "exp": 1722009145, }' However, when I hit the /oidc/token endpoint, I get the error: Invalid client assertion format while creating a user Would appreciate some help in debugging this. Best, Sandip

Flutter Integration?

Hi there. We're looking into MoneyHub for our Flutter apps, having moved things over from Native IOS/Android. Has anyone had any luck with this - specifically getting round a DART signer problem?

Mock Test Banks

Where we can login as demo user as mentioned in the documentation? <https://docs.moneyhubenterprise.com/docs/test-our-api> I want to create a test financial connection. Thanks

Getting Authorization Code with MoneyHub Open Banking Mock

I am not able to get auth code after entering credentials with user id 65a8ff6a139ca55709bc360b in the step 3. <https://admin-portal.moneyhub.co.uk/second-use-case>

How to get the Refresh Token using private_key_jwt

Hi, PHP Laravel I am using. I am using the private_key_jwt token endpoint for creating the authorization url. When I get the authorization code and I call the authorization_code request to get the access_token and other things. I am not getting the refresh token, Could you please let me know how can i acheive the refresh token using private_key_jwt token end point. $postData = array( 'client_id' => $this->clientId, 'redirect_uri' => $this->MoneyCallBack, 'response_type' => 'code id_token', 'scope' => 'openid offline_access id:test', 'state' => $userId, 'nonce' => "'.$randomKey.'", 'client_assertion_type' => $this->ClientAssertionType, 'client_assertion' => $token, 'claims' => json_encode(array( 'id_token' => array( 'sub' => array( 'essential' => true ), 'mh:con_id' => array( 'essential' => true ) ) )) ); $client = new Client(); $requestURL = $this->MoneyHubUrl."/request"; $response = $client->request('POST', $requestURL, [ 'form_params' => $postData ]); This code I am using for getting the authorization url, on which I will click and get the authorization code. $postData = array( 'grant_type' => 'authorization_code', 'code' => $\_GET['code'], 'redirect_uri' => $this->MoneyCallBack, 'client_id' => $this->clientId, 'client_assertion' => $token, 'client_assertion_type' => $this->ClientAssertionType, ); $client = new Client(); $response = $client->request('POST', $tokenURL, [ 'form_params' => $postData ]); I am using this code to get the access token, but refresh token is not getting. Please help.

How long does MoneyHub keep transactions for?

Is there a time limit on how long MoneyHub will keep my account transactions? i.e. Will I be able to go back through years worth of transactions (assuming I've had an account for that long)?