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Mock Test Banks

Where we can login as demo user as mentioned in the documentation? <https://docs.moneyhubenterprise.com/docs/test-our-api> I want to create a test financial connection. Thanks

Getting Authorization Code with MoneyHub Open Banking Mock

I am not able to get auth code after entering credentials with user id 65a8ff6a139ca55709bc360b in the step 3. <https://admin-portal.moneyhub.co.uk/second-use-case>

could not validate Request Object

While testing in sandbox environment, after selecting bank "Moneyhub Open Banking Mock", I'm getting below error from moneyhub. Array ( [error_description] => could not validate Request Object [error] => invalid_request_object [state] => eyJzaXRlSWQiOiIzMiIsImRvY0lkIjoiMTAiLCJkb2NSZXFJZCI6IjExIiwidGVuYW50X2lkIjoiIiwiaWUiOiJubyIsImJhbmtJZCI6IjFmZmU3MDRkMzk2MjlhOTI5YzhlMjkzODgwZmI0NDlhIiwibmV4dEJhbmtJZCI6IiJ9 ) So, can you please help to solve this issue? I have added all the information when creating a client. Thanks.

How to get the Refresh Token using private_key_jwt

Hi, PHP Laravel I am using. I am using the private_key_jwt token endpoint for creating the authorization url. When I get the authorization code and I call the authorization_code request to get the access_token and other things. I am not getting the refresh token, Could you please let me know how can i acheive the refresh token using private_key_jwt token end point. $postData = array( 'client_id' => $this->clientId, 'redirect_uri' => $this->MoneyCallBack, 'response_type' => 'code id_token', 'scope' => 'openid offline_access id:test', 'state' => $userId, 'nonce' => "'.$randomKey.'", 'client_assertion_type' => $this->ClientAssertionType, 'client_assertion' => $token, 'claims' => json_encode(array( 'id_token' => array( 'sub' => array( 'essential' => true ), 'mh:con_id' => array( 'essential' => true ) ) )) ); $client = new Client(); $requestURL = $this->MoneyHubUrl."/request"; $response = $client->request('POST', $requestURL, [ 'form_params' => $postData ]); This code I am using for getting the authorization url, on which I will click and get the authorization code. $postData = array( 'grant_type' => 'authorization_code', 'code' => $\_GET['code'], 'redirect_uri' => $this->MoneyCallBack, 'client_id' => $this->clientId, 'client_assertion' => $token, 'client_assertion_type' => $this->ClientAssertionType, ); $client = new Client(); $response = $client->request('POST', $tokenURL, [ 'form_params' => $postData ]); I am using this code to get the access token, but refresh token is not getting. Please help.

How long does MoneyHub keep transactions for?

Is there a time limit on how long MoneyHub will keep my account transactions? i.e. Will I be able to go back through years worth of transactions (assuming I've had an account for that long)?

Do you have clients for other languages besides Javascript?

Are there any other clients for languages such as php?