Typescript API client

The latest version (v5.0.0) of our API client has been rewritten in Typescript! :tada:
This will allow you to use our client library with strongly typed method arguments and responses.
You can find it here!


Post Connection Enrichment Data



To view the webhook, you need an API client with regular_transactions:read scope enabled.

Native and Mobile Apps Docs

New section explaining some best practices when using our API as part of a Mobile app.


IP Addresses of Moneyhub Services

We have updated the IP Addresses of Moneyhub Services section to include both inbound and outbound ip addresses for clients to be able to use them in their firewall and whitelist settings.


Documentation Update

The flow of the Moneyhub API documentation has changed to show a "Getting Started" section, followed by a "Deep Dive" section.


Balance prediction enhancements

Previously we were only able to predict historical balances for the initial 3 months but we have enhanced this and we are now able to predict balances for the full transaction history that we retrieve from the bank! :tada:


Refund Payments Can Specify Payer

When generating an authorisation URL for a reverse payment, you may now specify the account that will be making the reverse payment to reduce the amount of user input steps required to complete it - ie. the account chooser on the banking provider screens will not be required.


Improvements to API infrastructure

Various improvements will be carried out to our API infrastructure on Thursday 21th of July.
This will allow us to support Push authorisation requests PAR and Proof Key for Code Exchange PKCE.
Details below! πŸš€


Custom Open Banking mock users and accounts

Moneyhub Open Banking Mock bank now has support for custom users and accounts. These can be added through the Moneyhub Admin Portal


Banking Provider Connection Status

API connections list now displays connection status of providers (for auth and sync), see below for an example: