Sync ID Returned on Auth Request Complete

When completing an AIS connection using our auth requests feature, you will now get the syncId returned in the payload. This will allow you to track the status of the sync that completes the connection in the case of using enableAsync

Example Payload

  data: {
    id: 'd7e05594-fd13-4940-86d2-b544c475a6df',
    redirectUri: 'http://localhost:3001',
    createdAt: '2023-04-04T10:41:22.586Z',
    bankId: '1ffe704d39629a929c8e293880fb449a',
    userId: '642bfec79e23ef7de2762bd3',
    scope: 'openid id:1ffe704d39629a929c8e293880fb449a',
    connectionId: '1ffe704d39629a929c8e293880fb449a:18ba3093-f4df-43ea-8606-9f65e6c9baa7',
    status: 'complete',
    syncId: 'ac2d11c2-3323-41e3-83ec-b878931a4f03'
  meta: {}