New endpoint GET /accounts-list

Update on GET /accounts-list endpoint.

Important: The GET /accounts-list endpoint has been removed in API v3.

Moneyhub have added a new endpoint to the Moneyhub API for retrieving accounts.

The new GET /accounts-list endpoint works much like the existing GET /accounts endpoint except it does not retrieve additional performanceScore and transactionData by default. This means that average response times for retrieving accounts will be faster.

It is also possible to use the existing GET /accounts endpoint with query params performanceScore=false and transactionData=false to benefit from the quicker response time also.


Please note: starting from v3, the GET/accounts-listendpoint will no longer be available.

We recommend that any new implementations for retrieving accounts use the GET /accounts-list endpoint and if performanceScore and transactionData are required, these can be requested via query params.

Please see the API reference for more information.